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Wednesday night winners Lethal Launchers (centre, with trophy) and Tuesday night’s Hot Mamas battled in the WBL Final.
Sue Rimac — Congratulations goes out to the Lethal Launchers for taking the ultimate title of Women’s Bocce League Champs for 2015. This is the second championship for the team of Amy Bender, Renata Culina, and Franca Mladen. The Tuesday night champion Hot Mamas were on fire going into the final, but Wednesday night’s Lethal Launchers extinguished that flame and took the best of three series in two games. The Launchers played a player short and were still able to take the title. Congrats to the Hot Mamas for making it to the final, and a big thanks for supplying the awesome eats! In typical Croatian style it was a carnivore’s delight … there was meso, more meso, some cheese, bread, and crackers … and even more meso! A special thanks to all of the fans that came out to watch and cheer on the remaining teams – it was a great showing last night! So that concludes yet another bocce season. Thanks to all of you for participating! I know it doesn’t get said nearly enough so let me repeat, “hvala” to everyone for making this league a success, and most importantly, for supporting Hamilton Croatia!

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