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After several years of moving from place to place, and to accommodate the growing number of members, steps were taken toward the aspiration of Croatia Hamilton opening its own building. In 1973 a sewing company and a small shoe repair shop occupying two storefront lots at 198 and 200 Kenilworth Avenue North were purchased.

A minor legal delay caused the dream to be put on hold for a short period but that did not stop any work from immediately beginning on the new building. Croatia Hamilton members mounted an ambitious fundraising effort.

After tireless organization, planning, and labour, “The Club” was ready to begin operation. In June 1975, Monsignor Stijepan Šprajc blessed the Croatian National Sports Club during a ribbon cutting ceremony which initiated its first festivities.

Due to the ravages of time, the building had undergone many repairs and renovations. The majority of the work by was done by volunteer tradesmen, who showed their commitment to the Club with their professional work and precision craftsmanship.

The Club was always a great meeting place. Many patrons loved to play cards or chess, while others enjoyed watching sporting events and Croatian satellite programming. It is always remembered as a place to interact with other members, make new friends, talk about old times and definitely view the great collection of photographs.

Many important meetings, banquets and championship parties made the Club an integral part of our organization. For supporters of Croatia Hamilton, 200 Kenilworth North is not just a building, but a special place full of culture, friendships, memories and celebrations.

On April 30th, 2011 we closed our original home in Hamilton’s centre with “The Last Supper.”

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