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(BULLET) – Although the Killer Blood Sausages took a season off from league play, they entered the Boston Pizza/Molson Make a Wish Foundation charity ball-hockey tournament this past weekend. The team was short a few regulars so they called up J.J. Grubisic and Cousin Iv Grubisic to come out and give them a hand. The four-on-four tournament had 12 teams and games were three periods long, each period being 15 minutes in duration. The KBS went undefeated in six games despite a number of injuries occurring throughout the day. They captured the championship and $1000 in prize money. The competition was solid, and the abuse the players’ bodies took was beyond brutal. Defencemen Frank Sudac took a slap shot to the face and Dan Angellini took a high stick to the face. Forward Mark Vuksan also was high sticked to the face, while JJ was playing hung-over (go figure, he waited his whole life and picked the night before to go out and get smashed). Cousin Iv was an animal out there, Joe Katkic filled the net and goaltender Steve Mihajlovic stood on his head. Despite the injuries everyone got back in the games and kept playing – truly a gutsy team effort. Some of the highlights of the day:
  • As Vuksan and JJ are walking by the guy who was running the tournament he asks, “Did you guys win?” Without even looking, Vuksan points at him and says “AUTOMATIC”, and he and JJ keep on walking.
  • Sudac gets up after taking a slap shot to the face and says he’s gonna keep playing. The ref looks at the K.B.S players and says “you Croat’s are tough mother f*ckers”.
  • JJ and Cousin Iv are walking by some guys in the bar as they say “Did you see that yahoo in shorts out there?” referring to K.B.S team captain Mark Vuksan.
  • Joe Bowen from the leafs TV broadcasts starts making fun of Stevo the goalie for about 5 minutes on the microphone in front of everyone.
  • The organizer begins announcing team names for the playoff matches, they call out the “Killer Blood Sausages.” Everyone starts howling, because all of the other teams have names like Rage, Penguins, Flyers, ect. They weren’t laughing once the handed us the cup and the $1000.
  • When registering the team, the girl just wrote “Killer Blood…” and we asked her “What, you don’t like sausages?” To that she replied, “No, I love sausages, I have them all the time!” She then realized what she said and her face turned blood red.
I’m sure some of the other guys remember even more lines, but that’s all I got. What a funny day, we had a blast. Iv and JJ, you’re welcome to play with the KBS any day – you guys were solid, looked like you played with us all along.

Post Author: Croatia Hamilton