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I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the 2004 year as it was for Hamilton Croatia and all of its members. The year started off with the election of the new committee as it does every year in February, and it broke down as follows: I returned for my second term in office as President, Ante Culina and Al Perin took the co-Vice-Presidential positions, Frank Perin was the secretary and had the joy of running this website, Edi Rejc took the treasurer position and Tony Busija took the assistant treasurer post. Also, Ivan Rados, Tommy Rimac, Mike Radencic and Brian Krlin took over the radni odbor (working committee) positions, and the judiciary committee consisted of George Andric, Pero Julardija and Stipe Vukoje. The Club manager as always remained Zivko Juric. A special mention also goes out to Ivica Katkic who worked so hard to develop the new Club website. The above listed people are the ones that deserve all the credit for everything that goes on – all the preparation, events and daily Club operations – the preservation of the Club. I’d like to thank everyone for all their hard work in their various areas of expertise, because without all of your hard work the success of 2004 would not have been possible. Along with all of the above-mentioned people, there are masses of people who work hard for the Club at all of our events. I need all of you to know how much it is appreciated because every bit helps, and every bit contributes to our Club’s success. On the field in 2004, Hamilton Croatia was more successful than ever. First we were able to introduce a new team that represented us in the SRSL Under-12 age group. This team came together with the help of their coach Allan Perin and manager Ivica Saric, along with help from the committee. These kids gave it their all and never new the word quit – congratulations to them on their inaugural season. This team was also one of our two teams that represented our Club at the Croatian junior tournament for the first time in years. The Under-17 team this year went through a tough sophomore season, but were rewarded with camaraderie, friendship, and being allowed to come to the all four of the over-19 “Bash @ the Beach’s” ®. This is a team that was run by coach Mike Jurincic and manager Brian Krlin, with help from David Stipancic when work would allow. The ‘B’ Team didn’t quite come out on top of the first division as was anticipated, however, they did make a good run of it and represented our Club well. Thanks to Coach Rob Glazer, assistant coach John Staresina, manager Steve Ferenac, and John Peric who also assisted the team whenever he was able to pull away from planning his wedding. Then there is the ‘A’ Team, what can be said about a team that wins the Spectator Cup for the first time in 40 years (beating the Serbs to top it all), wins the Playoff Championship, and falls short by only 1 point to winning the H&D Premiership all in one year? Impressive! This was a huge year for the Club’s #1 team – the players worked their butts off and it paid off. Congratulations one more time, and thank you for representing our Club with such honour. A special word goes out to coach Nediljko Simic, assistant coach Ante Culina, manager Mike Radencic, team doctor Danny Benic and everyone else who helped out the team throughout the year. And of course, huge thanks go out to all of the loyal fans that stuck by the team throughout the entire season. Expect an announcement on the team’s future within the next few weeks as to which league they will be playing in next season and coaching and administrative positions among other things. Then there is NK Zagreb. They had another good season, although they were unable to bring home as much hardware as they would have liked. They vow to return to their championship ways for next season. Special mentions need to go out to team president Iko Knezevic, Velja Bago and Branko Gavran, and also head coach George Andric. Not to be forgotten, the largest contingents of Club members wear their Hamilton Croatia jerseys every Wednesday night. Our bowlers are 60 members strong, with a waiting list of people to join the 20-year-old Croatian league. Keep up the good work president Steve Snjegotinac and crew. Our partnership with the bowlers has never been stronger as they have many events at the Club to help themselves, as well as the Club, raise money. From the entire committee, we would like to thank you for all of your efforts. I would like to apologize if I missed your name in the above mentions; I truly appreciate everyone’s efforts in making 2004 the huge success it was. The Club would also like to recognize and show gratitude to everyone that attended any of our events. Fundraisers are the main way for us to keep this 47-year-old Club alive, and it could not be done without our supporters and patrons. As this Club continues to grow and adds new teams, we are always looking for more people to help in any way they can. One person did not ever run this organization, nor can one person ever run it – it will be run by the Croatian community and for the Croatian community. The annual meeting is Sunday, February 13th at 2 p.m. Anybody interested in helping out and taking on a position, or even offering their help or support through just being is encouraged to come on out. All of your kind words, questions, suggestions and help are always appreciated – I hope to see you all there. Mark Vuksan President

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