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In January’s Veza:

  • Croatia’s PM…Hamilton Croatia’s very own!
  • Annual General Meeting & Super Bowl
  • Survey Results and Contest Winners
  • Ice Rink Update (weekend hours)
  • Much more…
Tihomir “Tim” Orešković Prime Minister of Croatia
We are witnessing a historic time for Croatians – both for those living in Croatia and those of us abroad.  Historic in terms of the recent change of government in Zagreb and what that could mean for our beloved Croatia and its near term future. As an important aside for our organization, the Hamilton Croatia family is especially proud that Tihomir Orešković has been named as Croatia’s Prime Minister, here’s why… Tim Orešković’s family has a very long standing legacy with our organization. The family is known as being very active in supporting the needs of our local Croatian community.  The Orešković’s took an especially involved role with Hamilton Croatia which we are grateful for. Their involvement included contributing a great deal of time, money and effort to ensure the sustainability of Hamilton Croatia over the years, especially during the decades when times were tough for Croatia during her War of Independence as well as the difficult financial years for our club in Hamilton. For example, Tim’s late father, Dane, was the President of our Hamilton Croatia in 1979 and served as Vice-President from 1990-1994. For a list of past executive board members, please take a stroll on our history page here.
As a result of their involvement, Tim grew up playing soccer within the Hamilton Croatia youth soccer program and his mother Đurđa, who still lives in Stoney Creek today, continues to reach out to us and help in any way she can as our organization evolves.  We are lucky to have families like this on our side, and are not surprised Tim has gone on to achieve such great things in his career. In one article written about Tim Orešković since he was designated PM of Croatia on December 23, 2015, long-time childhood friend Mike Tominac shared the following:
“Mislim da je odgovorio na ovaj izazov jer je od malena u obitelji imao usađen osjećaj ljubavi i odgovornosti za domovinu i za rodni kraj. Njegov pokojni otac, veliki domoljub i bivši predsjednik hamiltonske Croatie sigurno bi bio bezgranično ponosan na svoga sina.”
Mike Tominac who is currently active with Mississauga Croatia and like Tim grew up in the Hamilton Croatia community, reminisced on the years he and Tim spent together growing up within Hamilton Croatia which was noted as follows:
Mike je, baš kao i g. Orešković, odrastao u Hamiltonu gdje su skupa išli u školu od petog razreda osnovne, pa sve do kraje srednje škole. Dijelili su također mnoge trenutke provedene u zabavi i druženju kroz nogomet u hamiltonskoj Croatiji i ostala tipična druženja Hrvata u zajednici.
Needless to say, we are very proud of Tim (a graduate of McMaster University) and everything he has accomplished to date. We believe in Tim and are confident he will bring the desperately needed influx of legitimacy, pride and honour back to the political process in Croatia. We wish Tim all the best in what will be one of the biggest challenges in his career so far. Uz tebe smo Tihomire – sve najbolje!
Schedule of Upcoming Events
  • Sunday February 7 at 1:30PM — 2016 AGM
  • Sunday February 7 at 6:00PM — Super Bowl Party
  • Friday February 12 — Stag Party at GMR
  • Saturday February 13 — Valentine’s Date Night at our Restaurant
  • Sunday February 14 — Hockey Day, Fifty Point
  • Saturday March 12 — Hamilton Croatia Banquet (details TBA)
  • Monday March 14 — The Bachelor Finale, Dinner/Show
  • Wed. March 23 at 12:30PM  — Croatia v Israel Friendly (Soccer)
  • Friday March 25 at 11:30AM — Good Friday Fish Fry (there will be no fish fry on Ash Wednesday)
  • Sat. March 26 at 2:00PM — Croatia v Hungary Friendly (Soccer)
  • Sunday March 27 – Easter
AGM: Have your say and get involved! Calling all members to join us this Sunday, February 7 at 1:30PM for our organization’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) where we elect a new executive every year. If you are not yet a member and would like to become one, the AGM is the perfect place to take care of that (Note: only members are able to vote and be nominated for the executive at the AGM). For membership questions, contact Jason at 905-466-6154. The AGM is your chance to participate, first hand, in what was accomplished the year prior and what we have in store for the year ahead. We continue to encourage members of our organization to take an active role with us.  Maybe a position on the executive or a specific committee to “get your feet wet” before deciding to join the executive. Either way, we are a volunteer-run organization and need everyone’s help to continue our great momentum. The following executive positions will be voted on this Sunday:
  • President
  • Vice-President Athletics
  • Vice-President Business Management
  • Vice-President Restaurant Operations
  • Vice-President Soccer
  • Vice-President Centre Management
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary (& Web Admin)
  • Public & Member Relations Director
  • Social Director
We have highlighted three (3) positions above where the current executive member is not returning to their position in 2016. Every position is up for a vote if we have multiple nominees. A description of each executive position (i.e. duties and responsibilities) will be provided on Sunday prior to the call for nominations.
We look forward to another successful AGM and your attendance and involvement in making sure this organization remains great! ——————- Super Bowl Following the AGM, the Sports Club will be hosting its annual Super Bowl Bash. Join us for a great sports atmosphere with tons of great food and drinks.  The deal is $20 for a buffet meal and a football square for a chance to win great prizes.  Additional squares will be available for $5.
STAG PARTY Friday February 12 Croatian Sports and Community Centre 166 Green Mountain Road, Stoney Creek Doors Open at 6PM / Great Food and Tombola Prizes
Survey Results

The 2015 opinion survey was a tremendously successful initiative. Nearly 270 people connected to our organization complete the survey – which we think is absolutely awesome.
The time we spent determining the questions and areas of focus that we felt might be important for the future of this organization would only really have mattered if people took the time to complete the survey, which they did. The feedback, both statistical and commentary, will be used to help guide the decisions of our 2016 executive.  We have a lot to work with now in terms of member input on important issues to tackle, how we should spend our time and our money. We wanted to provide our Veza readers with a high level summary of the results.  We also encourage everyone to join us at the AGM on Sunday February 7 where we will further discuss the survey results and answer any questions you may have. 2015 Opinion Survey Results Demographics
  • 58% Male; 42% Female
  • Ages: 45% between 26-39; 44% between 40-59; 5% over 60
  • 76% are current members; 16% are not; 8% unsure
  • 60% have children under 18 years old
  • 76% live in Hamilton region; 8% in Niagara; 8% in Halton; 4% in GTA
Restaurant We received a lot of very constructive feedback.  Both things that we are doing really well, and also ideas and suggestions where people think we can improve.  The restaurant at the Croatian Sports and Community Centre at GMR is open to the everyone, the public as well as members, so we will work hard to continue to make it a place where all feel welcome and have a positive and fulfilling experience. Strategic Capital The question regarding strategic capital investments was asked. Where should this organization be looking to spend money and expanding the organization. The following options were provided and are being ranked in the order of priority for those who completed the survey:
  1. Finish paving parking lot
  2. Purchase land for soccer fields
  3. Multi-use asphalt court (basketball, tennis, hockey)
  4. Pay down debt
  5. Roof over bocce courts
  6. Splash pad
  7. Purchase land for more parking
  8. Rebuild / Expand bocce courts
Sports/Activities and Banquet Hall The survey results scored the club offerings and banquet hall experience very high.  We know we have a new Hall, and have expanded our sports and activity offerings over the past few years; however, we will continue to work hard to maintain this level of quality and service that our members and renters expect.  Thank you to all who rent our facilities or participate in one of our sports or activities. Wrap Up All in all, a very successful initiative that has a great deal of information to go through and use to plan and make decisions moving forward.  We will incorporate all of the feedback, both positive and feedback with suggestions to improve.  Please join us this Sunday at the AGM for more information. Here are a couple of general comments left for us that really make it easy for those of us involved to continue serving this great community.  Thank you all for your time and input in this process.
 “I love what you have done… Makes me proud to be a Croatian Canadian from Hamilton” “I feel the entire team behind this is doing a world class job especially since it’s all volunteer. You guys are all an example of how efficient things should run when all work together.”
Survey Winners… As part of the survey outreach, we offered a contest to award three lucky individuals the opportunity to win a gift card to our restaurant. The winners of our random draw were:
  1. Sabrina Batusic
  2. Bojan Mutnjakovic
  3. Joanne Radencich
Congratulations to the winners and again thank you all for taking the time to complete the survey.  We will be in touch with the winners separately to arrange the gift cards.
HRVATSKA IMA BRONČANO ODLIČJE! Croatian Men’s Handball team takes Bronze at the 2016 European Handball Championship in Poland
The Bachelor Finale: Save The Date 
Ice Rink Update
The rink is currently closed due to the mild temperatures
I know it’s hard to find many reasons to complain about this mild winter.  But there is one… The new and improved rink at Hamilton Croatia has only really been open one weekend so far this season. While we wait for a cold stretch, we would like to thank all those who have been involved in making the ice rink renovation such a success. A big thank you to Steven Grguric, Jason Krlin, Frank Perin, George Petrina and Joey Poklecki as well as anyone else who helped them along the way.
If you are not sure if the rink is open for skating or hockey, please call or text Jason Krlin (905) 977-9957 or Steven Grguric (905) 929-4355.Also, we ask that everyone please respect the cleanliness of our park by cleaning up after yourselves when you leave the rink. We encourage all skaters, young and old, to wear head protection while out on the ice.
Weekend Hours: The rink, and park gates, will be open from Thursday 4PM to Sunday Night to allow for those interested in using the rink outside of the restaurant hours. Rink Schedule (suggested schedule):
  • Skating: Thursday-Sunday from 4-7PM
  • Kid-Friendly Hockey: Thursday-Sunday from 7-8:30PM
  • All-Ages Hockey: Thursday-Sunday from 8:30PM-close
CISL Men’s Christmas Tournament Champs! Congratulations to the boys from Cleveland Croatia for winning the annual CISL Christmas men’s soccer tournament in December.It was another great tournament with good times both on and off the field. It is always great to see so many teams back at the club after events like these – after all, this is what it’s all about!

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