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Be Proud and Loud on the Road in 2017!

The Hamilton Croatia Cycling Team is hosting an open house at the restaurant at GMR on Thursday, April 6 at 7 p.m. The night is designed to welcome cyclists and potential cyclists, as well as inform everyone of the club’s riding activities for the season. In addition, information regarding a planned trip to Croatia this fall — catered to cyclists and non-cyclists — will be available as well! And lastly, the new riding uniforms for this upcoming season will be on display (at the very least the team will be visible to traffic). The 2017 team kit is now available and includes options of jersey, bib and arm warmers which can be viewed by visiting the online store. Fans are also welcome to purchase gear, and if anyone is interested in more details about joining the team or to receive up to 25% off the on-line store prices, please contact Dan at

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