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Men’s and Women’s Team Sign-Ups!
Reserve your spot - space is limited!
Reserve your spot – space is limited!
Registration for this summer’s Croatia Hamilton Bocce Leagues for men and women will be held at The Club on Thursday, May 7th from 6:30-8 p.m. As is the case every year, space is limited — the first 36 men’s teams and 32 women’s teams will be accepted. Both leagues have been at capacity every year since they started, and they will fill up again! Do not delay — register your teams! The men’s league runs Monday and Thursday nights, and will be maxing out at 18 teams per night. Women play on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, with 16 teams per night. Men will begin play a week early this year, on Monday, May 25th. This is the Monday BEFORE the Big Picnic. The Women’s league normally begins on the Tuesday following the Big Picnic. Their schedule is still to be determined. For more information, please contact Jerko Grubišić for the men’s league at or 1-416-200-7109, and Sue Rimac for the women’s league at

Lastly, be on the lookout for this summer’s Bocce Mixer Tournaments! They’ve been a hit in the past few years, and three dates have already been chosen:

Saturday, June 20th | Saturday, July 25th | Saturday, August 15th.

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