Welcome to the website of Žice.
Dobro došli na Žice web stranicu.
(Last updated Sept. 2011)

Žice is a four-piece Croatian music ensemble hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Specializing in what we like to call "all-day" wedding gigs, here's the low-down on what we do...

We include two
tambura players, one accordian, and a stand-up bass. Our repertoire includes a wide variety of narodne (folk) and zabavne (popular) songs.

The question we always get..."Are you guys the band?" We are not the band that plays your wedding all night long (although we could, and have done it before).

We are the guys that wake you up first thing in the morning on the day of your wedding - be it at the bride or groom's house (for obvious reasons, we'd prefer the former over the latter). After cranking out a couple of hours worth of tunes, we'll then be the first ones to greet you when you come walking out of the church as husband and wife.

After taking some time to re-string, re-tune, and re-group we'll meet you at the reception hall. There, we will entertain the crowd at the procession line for as long as the guests keep arriving. Playing upbeat and cheerful music, we set the tone for the rest of the evening.

This is what we've been dedicating ourselves to since 1996. With close to 200 weddings under our belts there's no stopping us. Žice will keep learning new songs to keep the masses entertained, and do the best job possible to make your wedding a joyous and memorable occasion.

Thanks for stopping in and please, browse around the website. Download some our free music, check out photos from past weddings, and click the gigs section to see if we're still available on the day of your wedding.