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Hamilton Croatia Hockey Day V

Fifth Annual HCHD presented by Harvey’s

Hamilton Croatia Hockey Day V.

Frank Perin — On Sunday Hamilton Croatia hosted Hockey Day V. The annual ball hockey tournament was held at the Outdoor Ball Hockey Arena at Fifty Point Conservation in Winona.

The Draft, which has become as big a part of the weekend as the actual tournament, took place following the CISL games on Friday night at Lookout Sports Bar, the restaurant located upstairs at Players Paradise (565 Seaman Street in Stoney Creek).

The MVP’s of the day once again re-united and kept the BBQ’s going all day to feed and heat us. Thanks to Saic, Stipa, JoePro and crew for preparing the chili, and thanks again to the Krasic’s for kickin’ in with the Harvey’s!

Going with a 2014 Winter Olympic theme, 63 players in total were drafted to six “national” teams.

Team names, colour(s), and rosters are listed below (Note: Two teams were chosen to bring two colours due to conflicts):

SLOVAKIA (Red/White) SWEDEN (White) FINLAND (Blue)
Joey Vlasic Peter Dudas Mate Ljubicic
Festim Mujku Mark Petrina Robbie Petrina
Joey Rados Tom Rimac Mijo Rados
Mike Kovacic Tommy Domjancic Zvone Grubisic
Pete Rados John DiTrapanni Edi Rejc
Danny Ribaric Pat Milisenda Ivan Grubisic
Ivan Rados Ivan Pasalic Frank Vusir
Steve Jurincic Joey Katkic Dave Stipancic
Toma Pavlovic Tomislav Bilic Matt Krasic
Justin Matijasic Mike Jurincic (g) Slavko Grguric
Mark Draganic (g) Dave Jazvac (g)
CROATIA (Red) USA (Black) CANADA (Checkers/Black)
Jay Galante Tom Zalac Dennis Volovic
Erb Shehu Bobby Rimac Dan Marsic
Josip Dasovic Ante Bulat J.J. Grubisic
Joe Busija Andy Vrsaljko Steve Jalsevac
Bobby Stipancic Nick Pocrnic Jason Grbavac
Ambro Ljubicic Bobby Jazvac Danny Mus
Ilija Karaula Greg Zdelar Tommy Grubisic
Mark Vuksan Cody Allison-Last Kruno Rimac
Matt Saric Jordan Bucar Peter Bago
Steven Grguric (g) Niko Kireta Frank Perin (g)
Brian Ribaric (g)

Group Standings

Group A G W L T F A P
Finland 2 1 0 1 5 1 3
Sweden 2 1 1 0 3 4 2
Slovakia 2 0 1 1 2 4 1

Group B G W L T F A P
Canada 2 1 0 1 5 3 3
United States 2 1 0 1 4 2 3
Croatia 2 0 2 0 1 5 0

Group Stage (20 minute games)

Finland 4, Sweden 0
Canada 2, United States 2
Sweden 3, Slovakia 1
Canada 3, Croatia 1
Finland 1, Slovakia 1
United States 2, Croatia 0

Playoffs (25 minute games)

Sweden 5, Croatia 2
United States 2, Slovakia 1
Sweden 4, Canada 2
United States 4, Finland 0
Sweden 2, United States 1


HCHD-V Pics Posted!

Thanks to Edi Rejc, Ante Pavlovic, and Joe Draganic (using Doc’s phone) for taking pics at the 5th Annual Hamilton Croatia Hockey Day.

Click the photo below to see the album – there’s 127 pics…

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