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September 19th, 2018
Age Group Date(s) Start Time Location Contact e-Mail
U11 Boys (2008) Sept. 18, 19 & 21 6:15 p.m. The Croatian Sports & Community Centre thesulugs@sympatico.ca
U13 Boys (2006) Sept. 22 Noon Tapleytown Field jzvonar@cogeco.ca
U15 Boys (2004) Sept. 11, 17 & 25 6 p.m. Heritage Green oresovac@gmail.com
U15 Boys (2004) Sept. 25 6 p.m. Cardinal Newman jcvitak@cogeco.ca
U15 Boys (2004) Sept. 29 4 p.m. Bishop Ryan jcvitak@cogeco.ca
U15 Boys (2004) Oct. 2 6 p.m. Bishop Ryan jcvitak@cogeco.ca
U16 Boys (2003) Sept. 12, 17 & 18 6 p.m. The Croatian Sports & Community Centre toma.saic@sympatico.ca

August 23rd, 2018

On Thursday, August 23, 2018, our membership was called to a Special General Meeting to outline details of a new project beginning in October 2018 to upgrade the soccer fields and bocce courts on our grounds at 166 Green Mountain Road East.

Members in attendance were shown the plans and unanimously voted to move ahead with the proposal – the #GMRturfproject.

Benefits of new soccer fields

  • Currently our soccer fields can be used from June to September
  • A new turf playing surface would allow our teams to use the fields from March to December
  • Our older rep teams cannot use our current fields, nor can our men’s or women’s teams
  • New fields can be used by all ages for training, especially with the planned lighting
  • Current fields are not playable if it rains
  • Turf fields can be played on even when it’s raining
  • Maintenance requirements are time consuming (cutting grass, fertilizing, watering, painting lines, etc.)
  • Turf fields require very little maintenance – brushing once a month, and deep grooming as required
  • Current fields would need major upgrades – drainage, added topsoil, and new sod, or switch to turf (investment needed)

Our soccer program is very healthy and growing!

  • In 2011 we had five youth boys teams, one youth girls, and 86 co-ed house league kids
  • In 2018 we fielded 12 boys, three girls, and 198 co-ed house league

Benefits of the new bocce courts

  • Current courts are not playable if it rains at any point on scheduled game days
  • Turf courts can be played on even while it is raining
  • Maintenance requirements are time consuming (leveling surface, dewatering, brushing, etc.)
  • Turf courts have very little maintenance – brush them weekly, roll them every 2-3 months
  • Current courts are in need of a complete upgrade
  • Leagues could expand with the addition of a fifth court

Project timeline

  • Work would begin in early October of this year (drainage, curbs, fencing and bleacher pads before winter)
  • Poles and lighting would also be done in the fall
  • Turf installation would take place in the spring along with any grass and asphalt repairs and other final touches
  • The entire project would be completed by Spring 2019
  • All leagues would start on time – end of May/beginning of June


If you are interested in helping see another major upgrade take place at The Croatian Sports and Community Centre of Hamilton, please click the button below and show us your support!


August 16th, 2018


Thursday, August 23rd, in the Main Hall

An official notice to all members of our organization that on Thursday, August 23, 2018, the Executive Committee of the Croatian Sports and Community Centre of Hamilton has called a Special General Meeting (SGM).

The purpose of the SGM is to update members during an in-person meeting on the plans in proceeding with a major project that would take place on our grounds. The project is focused on improvements to our current grounds and sports facilities – we are excited to share more information with you on August 23.

At this meeting, club president Mark Vuksan will walk members through the plans, drawings, budget and other information that we have available. We will also ensure that there is ample time for all of your questions and feedback and ask members whether they are supportive of this project by calling for a vote from those in attendance.

The meeting should be adjourned within 2 hours (men’s bocce is still on that night – revised times will be communicated shortly).

Meeting Details:
* Thursday, August 23, 2018 @ 6:00 p.m.
* Banquet Hall – 166 Green Mountain Road East, Stoney Creek
* Invite open to all members

Following the August 23 SGM, there will be a Veza sent to summarize the events of the meeting. The Veza will then be the regular means of communicating with members while work on the project is underway. However, if you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email Jason Grbavac at jsgrbavac@gmail.com either prior to or anytime after the SGM.

We look forward to seeing as many members as possible on Thursday, August 23 as we believe that your input is important for us to continue improving our Croatian community centre and overall enjoyment of our members and guests for many years to come!


Thank you!

Your Executive Committee

August 3rd, 2018

Where did Hamilton Croatia Movement Come from?

Hi everyone, Ashley Bucar here! I just wanted to tell you a bit about Hamilton Croatia Movement. It originally snowballed off from the Hamilton Croatia Cycling club. I didn’t have a bike, but wanted to participate in some sort of activity that could get me active. My friend Steph Domjancic was part of a running club, but the times and dates were inconvenient for me and I hated going alone. This got me thinking… “why don’t I start a club of my own! One that you don’t need equipment, you don’t need to be in perfect shape, but you want to get moving.” So, Hamilton Croatia Movement was born.

Steph and I got together and began to discuss starting a club. When deciding on meeting dates, we knew that we needed at least 2 dates to start with. We thought one day during the week, Thursdays, along the beach strip would be a nice safe spot where people from Burlington area can meet as well as our Hamilton / Stoney Creek area. Movement members can decide whether they want to bring their babies in their joggers, rollerblade, walk, or run along the strip.

We knew that we should also do one day at the club. Saturday mornings with the cycling club sounded like a great idea as we thought we could start a bit later than the cycling team, but finish around 9am. After our Movement members and the cycling team were finished, we could have a nice yoga stretch for those who would like. We also thought that one day a month we could do a Zumba night!

We knew yoga and Zumba teachers would need some payment, so we thought that shirt sales would be better than a club fee for this first year. We also plan to enter into some races for Movement members, so they can work towards a goal! If we were going to have a shirt, we definitely needed a logo! I was talking with my friend at work about Hamilton Croatia Movement and she said her brother does some graphic design and could help out. A big shout out and thanks to Gabriel Garofalo for helping design the logo and creating our first poster!

With these ideas in place, I contacted Mark Vuksan, president of Hamilton Croatia, to run everything by him. Thankfully, he approved!

This is where we are at! We hope to add more dates into our schedule in the future and have some fun events for friends and families! Please send us an inbox message if you have any ideas or suggestions, or help out in any way! This group is meant to be a fun way to get involved and active in the community.

PS. If you have an idea that you think could benefit the community, then do it! You never know what it can lead to!

For more information including club meeting times and dates, follow the club on their facebook page @hamcromovement.

May 25th, 2018


This Sunday!

2018 House League starts next week (Monday, May 28)

Times & Age Groups:

6:30 – 7:20 for U5, U6
7:30 – 8:20 for U7,U8

6:30 – 7:20 for U3, U4, U6
7:30 – 8:20 for U7, U8

World Cup @ GMR

Catch all of your friendlies and World Cup action at GMR.  Friendlies leading up the World Cup are on June 3 and June 8 (details below):

Then its on to the World Cup action…

The wait is over – 2018 Bocce season begins next week!
(both Men’s and Women’s leagues)

We’re Hiring!
Anyone interested in job opportunities at our centre is encouraged to reach out to us for more information.  Positions currently available are in and around the operation of the restaurant.  We look forward to reviewing your application!  If interested, please either reply to this email or send resumes and questions to Frank Perin at frank.perin@hamiltoncroatia.com.

Ladies Night @ GMR – THANK YOU!
A big thank you to all who supported the ladies night on May 18. It was a great time and look forward to hosting future events at GMR that are just as memorable.

Call for Volunteers
Our organization hosts many events throughout the year where we depend on our volunteers to make the events possible.  We want to take this opportunity to thank our members who have stepped up – and continue to step up – throughout the year.If you are willing to help, please contact Tom Saic at toma.saic@sympatico.ca. Tom is responsible for coordinating volunteers for our events in 2018.


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