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Striving to be the best

Since 1957, Croatia Hamilton has been one of the best-run Croatian organizations in Canada. At times there have been over 500 members competing in various sports whether it be at city, provincial, or national levels. This includes soccer players that have gone on receive scholarships across Canada and the United States and other athletes such as Mate Dragun who was once a Canadian Bowling Champion.

Although winning is the culmination of hard work, in the end results are really just statistics and numbers. It is the amount of everyday work necessary for Croatia’s prosperity that must be remembered. We were created by founding members with intellect and passion — and it is the passionate and the intellectual members that will keep us from becoming extinct.

As Croatians we must be proud of our successes and also learn from past experiences. It is pride that demonstrates what Croatia Hamilton is about. Dedication, loyalty, and above all, heart, are the qualities that have been passed along for decades. They are lessons that have been taught to us by our grandfathers and fathers — valuable morals that we must one day instill into our future generations.

The passion for our community, and foremost our Croatian culture, is what drives us to not only keep Croatia Hamilton alive, but also to see it thrive and flourish among Croatian and Canadian organizations.

Knowing one’s past is of importance because people without history are people without a future. And only a rich and celebrated history will ensure the future prosperity and existence of this organization.

Long Live Croatia: The 1964 banquet in Hamilton.


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