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The Logo

As the Club has progressed, so has the emblem. It went from a plainly checkered coat of arms with the word Croatia integrated, to different versions that also included the word Hamilton, to what you see today on all of our team’s jerseys.

Different versions of the crest from the 1960s, '70s, and '90s (Click to enlarge).

The most visible part of the current crest is the Croatian checkered coat of arms. It consists of 25 alternating red and white squares, with the first square being white.

On top of that are the red, white, and blue of our Croatian national flag. On the top-left is a picture of a soccer ball with the word “Hamilton” cutting across it. On the top-right is the word “Croatia” beginning with the enlarged letter C.

Between the two words is a blazing flame with seven points, symbolizing seven regions of Croatia – Bosna, Dalmacija, Hercegovina, Istra, Lika, Slavonija, and Zagorje. Although the international political borders of Croatia have changed significantly over time, the flame still represents all of those segments.

The entire crest is situated on top of a red Canadian maple leaf.


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