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Promoting Our National Identity

“The Sports Club Croatia Hamilton, Ontario was established in 1957. Due to some technical and organizational difficulties it stopped operating in 1960 but was reinstated in 1962. After the reorganization, Croatia Hamilton, the men’s soccer team under the guidance of head coach Stjepan Stanković, became a member of the Inter-City League.

On the field, its technical and skilled performances earned the Club success. In the early years the team flourished and garnered respect from every opponent. With each passing year Croatia Hamilton was regarded as one of the best organizations in the city.

Not only was Croatia Hamilton established to work towards the athletic development of Croatians in Hamilton, but the organization also committed resources to promoting a Croatian national identity in a fight for a sovereign Republic of Croatia.”

Although that excerpt was taken from a book printed in 1966, Croatia Hamilton continues to survive by those words today. In the City of Hamilton, the Club has always tried to set an example of patriotism and national pride. In the 1990s, the Club supported Croatia morally and financially in the defence of our homeland during the country’s war for freedom. We generously and proudly gave more than $100,000.00 CDN to Croatia for various causes. One of those causes was sponsoring four Croatian orphans, whose parent’s lives were lost defending our native soil.

Click to enlarge“With every respect for your good will and support, the democratic authorities in the homeland to which you contributed at this period, in the name of the Republic of Croatia, thanks you, the Croatian National Sports Club of Hamilton for your donation of $105,000.00, which will be used to finance the economic development and prosperity of the homeland.”

Minister of Immigration / Minister of Defence

– Gojko Šušak, Zagreb, Croatia

While it is nearly impossible to include the names of every person that has played an integral role in the establishment of the Club, there are some honorable mentions to be made:

1973 President Karlo Ceric with Canadian member of Parliament John Monroe (Click to enlarge).

John Bermarija, Nikola Budak, Ante Čapin, Karlo Čerić, John Cvetković, Marinko Dragušica, Josip Dundović, Tomica Ivezić, Josip Ivinac, Živko Jurić, Ante Katalinić, Tomo Leingartner, Pero Listeša, Ivo Lončarić, Jure Miletić, Jimmy Negotović, Slavko Pavičić, Šimun Pavlak, Šime Peranić, Tony Peričak, Nikola Perošević, Pero Rukavina, Vjekoslav Šašić, Mirko Škarjak, Alojz Štokan, Pavle Usenica, and Zvonko Zubrinić.

These are just some names taken from various sources such as previous anniversary booklets, old photographs, and conversations with surviving members from the early years. There are many others whose names are unlisted, but whose actions live on in the sacred crest of Croatia Hamilton.



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