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A Brief History: The Centre
A picnic at the Centre in 1994 (Click to enlarge).

The Hamilton Croatian Centre, referred to by most as "the Centre", was created to promote, preserve and foster Croatian culture and heritage, and to unite its members through activities and events.

The land was purchased for $5000 from a farmer in 1953 but it was not legally transferred until 1972 when construction on the building began. Founding members included Joe Kovacic and Nick Spoljar.

Much like the Sports Club, most of the work that was put into the Centre was done on a voluntary basis. Renovations to the building, management of the park, and general supervision of business and affairs was done by willing and elected members.

Promoting music and dance has always been at the top of the agenda (Click to enlarge).Since the beginning, 166 Green Mountain Road was a place that promoted the study of Croatian music and dance, and more specifically, the art of tamburitza music. It was always regarded as a place where members could go to picnics and events and never get caught up in political or religious controversy.

With an abundance of land, options for hall expansion and the addition of different amenities always came to consideration — and some would come to fruition.

The bocce area was built by a group of member-volunteers that included Marinko Dragusica and Zdravko Grubisic. Two perfectly crafted courts in use practically every night helped sustain an athletic youthfulness in some of the older members. Also revered for the cookhouse, nothing could beat waking up on a Sunday morning and smelling the freshly cut lamb and pig that was roasted on one of the 36 spits.

In May of 2007, executive members of the Centre approached the Croatian National Sports Club with a request to negotiate a merger between the two organizations.


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