1. The Croatian Sports and Community Centre of Hamilton, Inc. executive committee has the right to vote to amend any rule or regulation that may be deemed necessary for the recreational, financial, or general benefit of the current membership of the CSCCofH.

2. The regular season will start November 3rd, 2017.

3. Team costs will be made known to the general managers of each team either before or at the CISL GMs meeting, which will take place no later then two weeks prior to the start of the season.

4. Registration, team roster, and deposit must be submitted at the GMs meeting.

5. Everyone who plays in the league must be a club member. Hamilton Croatia Club membership is $30.00, for which you will receive a membership card and the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

6. All teams in the league must have a Croatian name. The only exception is if the team is named after their main sponsor.

7. The league will be made up of nine teams which will play 16 total games throughout the regular season (two games against each opponent) and two bye weeks.

8. Maximum six competitive players per team including goaltenders. A competitive player is anybody that was registered in the H&DSSL First or Premier Division (or equivalent), and higher (eg. RSL, OSL, etc.). (a) Any player that plays soccer for a competitive soccer team outside of Hamilton Croatia will be considered as 1.5 against the cap, and (b) OYSL players will be counted as capped players.

9. Any competitive player who is not a CSCCofH member in good standing may require the approval of the executive committee to participate in the league.

10. Maximum amount of players on each roster is twenty-one (21).

11. Game balls are the responsibility of each team.

12. Team fines will be levied from the team bond, and will increase exponentially ($25, $50, $75, etc). Fines may be given for: (a) the inability to field a team; (b) the inability to control your bench or fans; (c) any player ejection from a game; (d) the inability to supply a game ball; (e) drinking in the change room.

13. Regular season tie breakers are: 1. Head-to-head (a) record (b) aggregate score; 2. Total season (a) goal differential (b) goals for; 3. Coin toss.

14. There is an end of the season playoff scheduled.


15. Minimum of six players (5+goalie) to start a game. A player must be on the team roster. The website will be updated as often as possible, however, any new additions to a team must be cleared through the CISL executive prior to any game and may not be listed on the website.

16. Each game will consist of two 25-minute halves.

17. A CISL executive member cannot overrule a referee on a call that takes places during a game.

18. Once the referee starts the clock, the game must start before five minutes are up. The amount of time that the start of the game is delayed by will be subtracted from the half. If the game does NOT start within the allotted five minutes, the game is given a 1-0 default score to the team that is ready to play.

19. Three-Goal Penalty Kick rule will be implemented. Every time a team increases their lead to three goals or more, the trailing team will be awarded a penalty kick to be taken from the penalty spot on a manned net (as opposed to previously when it was shot from centre on an empty net).

20. Each team GM (or a designated member of each team) must submit the game score in the “Croatian Indoor Soccer League Forum.”

21. No tolerance – you fight, you’re out of the league…no questions and/or exceptions.

22. Yellow Card = 2 minute penalty; Red Card = 5 minute penalty + match penalty + a minimum of one game suspension.

23. When a two-minute penalty is awarded, the full two-minutes are served regardless if the power-play team scores.

24. No slide tackling or playing the ball while you are on the ground. Sliding to keep the ball in play or to score a goal is permitted if it is deemed by the referee that there are no players in danger in the immediate vicinity. If you fail to stay on your feet while playing the ball with players near you the whistle will be blown and a free-kick awarded to the opposing team.

25. All dead-ball situations (goal-kicks, corner-kicks, free-kicks, and throw-ins) are indirect (two-touch).

26. Should the ball hit the roof above the filed, it will result in a dead ball. If the ball hits the roof in the box, where it was last touched by a defensive player, it will result in a corner-kick.

27. On all dead ball situations, the defensive player is required to move back 5 feet. A dead ball means the ball is completely stopped – no rolling, then kicking..

28. A goaltender cannot touch the ball with his hands after it has been deliberately kicked to him by a team-mate.

29. A goaltender CAN throw or kick a ball directly into the opposing net, unless it is from a dead-ball (eg. goal kick is two-touch).

30. Shin guards are not required. No cleats allowed – indoor shoes or regular running shoes ONLY.

31. Fans are NOT permitted to watch the games from field level.

32. Only approved for sports eyewear is permitted (eg. sport safety glasses). Regular eyeglasses are not allowed to be worn on the field of play.